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Some Fun Keychains That Add Some Color to Your Life

When we want to add a little color to our keys, we also need to keep in mind that the weight of our keys can have some damaging effects on the ignitions of our vehicles.

But a keychain is a convenient way to not only identify your keys and add a little personality, but a bright colored accessory can help you spot them if they happen to be missing.

Here are five fun and lightweight keychains on Amazon that give a ton of personality, without much added weight.


Pom Pom

This colorful piece is also lightweight and pretty enough to be a nice gift for that keychain enthusiast in your life.

Find it here!

Leather Dinos

A goofy dinosaur is pretty great. Plus when anyone points it out, you can surprise them with some sweet dinosaur facts.

Find it here!


Giant Faux Fur Poofball

This is a little ridiculous, and we’re all for it. It comes in a bunch of different colors too!

Find it here!


Avocado BFFs

If you and your best friend are crazy for extra guac, then this is the thing for you.

Find it here!


Chapstick Holder

When you just HAVE to have your lip balm with you on the go.

Find it here!


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