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Some Quick Lehigh Valley Fourth of July Safety Tips

While we know much more about locks and keys than we do fireworks, we wanted to share a few quick tips to keep you and your family safe during the Fourth of July in the Lehigh Valley. The summer of 2018 is the first after a law was passed in the state that allows for more widespread usage of fireworks in residential areas.

The new law states that persons can light off legal fireworks, but they must be 150 feet from any structure and the property owner must be given permission. So, be ready to hear more fireworks this summer for sure!

As for handling fireworks, be smart and be as safe as possible.

Be sure to keep your home’s doors and windows locked. There is no reason to risk fireworks getting inside your home.

Children should never handle fireworks.

Adults lighting off fireworks should do so in a designated area as far away from other people as possible.

Have a pail of water or water bottles in case you need to douse any errant flames.

Never reignite a firework if it didn’t go off.

Never light more than one firework at a time.

Be safe and have fun this July 4th season, but take some time to be safe and keep your family safe as well. A little bit of planning can go a long way and help you avoid any possible problems.

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