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Spring Driving Tips for the Lehigh Valley

Spring is just around the corner, even if it feels like it’s been here this whole winter already! And, while we may not have had feet of snow this winter in the Lehigh Valley, the changing of seasons still calls for a few reminders.

Let’s take a look.

Look out for potholes: This is usually more evident during heavy precipitation winters when more utility vehicles are on the roads, causing many potholes. And, even though we may have not gotten enough snow to build many snowmen this year, potholes will still be around.

Rain, rain, go away: Spring showers can come on quickly. Be sure your wipers are ready for the rain and so are you!

More people will be out and about: Watch out for people on the move. From high school teams to neighbors out for a quick job, you want to watch out for more people possibly crossing the roads.

Look for motorcycles: Share the road!

Inspect your tires and maintain proper air pressure: the change in temperature means you’ll want to check your tires to make sure they are at their optimal PSI to ensure long life and proper handling.

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