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Stay Safe in Parking Lots and Parking Garages

The holiday shopping season is supposed to be fun, but, let’s be honest, it’s usually a little stressful. In between remembering your shopping list and trying to figure out what you’re supposed to get your father-in-law, you might not even give a second thought to staying safe when you park your car in public parking lots or garages at malls or downtown areas, or anywhere really.

Here are a few ways you can stay safe when parking.

Plan Ahead
Try to shop during the dwindling daylight hours if possible and don’t carry around lots of cash. Also, remember where you parked. That may sound silly, but walking around aimlessly for a few dozen minutes isn’t exactly the quickest way to get back to your car.

Park and Lock it Up
If you can park with an attendant, that’s a good move. Otherwise, try to park as close to an entrance as possible. If you’re making multiple shopping stops throughout the day and can’t bring your purchases home in-between, make sure you don’t leave those gifts out in plain view for a thief to see.

Be Alert
Being distracted is exactly what any thief wants for you to be. When you’re heading back to your car, be alert. Have your keys in hand and be aware of your surroundings.

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly for you this shopping season, but do yourself a favor and be smart when parking and heading back to your car as well. And, of course, if you find that you’ve locked yourself out, call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith at (484) 891-1922 and we’ll be there to help in a flash.

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