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Stolen Car Key Help

Your car keys are an essential part of transportation. Even pus to start cars require the keys to be in the car before it will actually start. In our last blog, we discussed the worst places to lose your car keys. But what if you don’t lose your car keys at all?

Imagine your friend comes to visit you from Philadelphia for a weekend of fun. As you sit on the patio of your favorite restaurant, enjoying your friends company on her last night in Allentown, you decide you need a picture to remember this weekend. You ask someone at the table next to you to snap a photo and as you are standing against the aged brick wall smiling big, a passerby snags your friends purse from off your table without anyone noticing. Suddenly your friend is left without a phone, I.D., and car keys. And unfortunately you are going to have to pay for dinner.

When your car keys are stolen, you always must worry about your car as well. Especially with fob keys unlocking a car with a loud beep from a distance away, finding your car is easy. If the thief was simply after your money, they may not even realize they have the opportunity to take your car as well.

After reporting to the police that your keys have been stolen, you want be sure that your car doesn’t get stolen as well. You should always know where your spare key is, you never know when these situations are going to occur.

But now you are faced with another dilemma. You friends spare keys are in a known location, but in Philadelphia, over an hour away. You know that getting her spare is one of the best options and hopefully her car will still be there by the time the spare keys are retrieved.

Driving an hour to get a spare key is not your only option though. 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can have a new car key cut for you in no time at all! If your keys are stolen and your spare happens to be somewhere buried in boxes scattered throughout your basement, or driving an over an hour to retrieve that spare doesn’t sound like a good use of time or resources, let us help. We will come to you, cut you key, program them, and have you on your way in no time! Contact us today to get help with car or home lockouts, key replacement, and any other locksmith service!

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