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Child Lock Options

When it comes to the safety of your children, nothing is more important. While your home should be secured from the outside for your protection, extra precautions must be taken when your little ones within your home as well. Here are a few different types of child locks that you might not have known about.

Sliding Cabinet Locks

The classic slide lock is used to hold a cabinet shut. Tried and true, and still very much used today.

Strap Locks

This type has a strong adhesive on both ends. Then the locking mechanism pops in and out of place as needed. They are also adjustable for a variety of needs.

Magnetic Locks

These interesting contraptions require a strong magnet, included with the kit, to pop open the mechanism from the inside of the cabinet or drawer. You just hold the magnet on the outside and the lock opens.

Door Knob Locks

Available in a variety of options, door knob locks make the knob unable to turn. Some surround the knob and require an adult-strength squeeze, while others make a lever handle door unable to turn by holding it into place.

Spring Cabinet Locks

These handy devices keep cabinets from opening unless they are pressed down to allow a spring loaded lever to release the edge of the cabinet housing.

Bonus: Child Car Door Lock

This amazing invention should already be in your vehicle. It’s basically a small switch so a car door can only be opened from the outside.These are just a few of the varieties of child locks, and many designs exist, so there will be something out there just for what you need.So when it comes to child proofing your home, there are some great options out there. Just be aware of what your specific safety needs are and you’ll have your home secure from those curious little hands.

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