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Five Things Worse Than Losing Your Keys

In the heat of the moment, there are few things worse than losing your keys… but there are a few! Here are a few scenarios where you wish you had just lost your keys instead…

Stepping on a Lego:

Oh the agony. The pain. The total out of body experience! For all the hours of fun Legos and provide, this completely balances it out

Finding out someone else ate your leftovers:

You’d been hankering for that leftover lo mein all day. You finally get home, swing open the refrigerator, and your greeted with nothing! Oh no they di’int!

You realize you forgot your wallet when you’re about to pay:

How embarrassing! Not only are you worried you might’ve lost it, but the daggers everyone is shooting you is enough to go crawl under a rock for the next week.

Oversleeping/accidentally turning off your alarm:

The feeling of ultimate relaxed bliss turning to immediate horrified terror is the WORST way to wake up. Sure you might be well rested, the panicked rush that follows is no fun!

Embarrassing yourself in front of your friends and them never letting you forget it:

Remember that time you ran right through the screen door at your crush’s birthday party? Or what about that time you showed up with your underwear static-clinging to your pant leg? While they were totally embarrassing on their own, your friends make sure you relive that moment in your mind again and again.

So while losing your keys is a major annoyance… at least it isn’t one of these things! So the next time you need our services, just remember at least these aren’t happening to you!

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