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How the Cold Can Affect Your Car Locks and When to Call a Locksmith in the Lehigh Valley

Photo courtesy of Leith Nissan

Unfortunately, we tend to only think about our locks when they aren’t working. During day-to-day life, we use locks dozens of times per day, but it’s only when they malfunction that we really truly think about them. That is even more clear when it becomes cold outside in the Lehigh Valley.

Here’s what is happening to your car lock in the cold

The cold makes locks, doors, windows, and keys contract. Locks can get jammed due to frozen mechanisms. The most common lock problems during the cold months found by car owners are frozen doors, door locks, and even power windows. You can always try to spray on some de-icer onto or into the lock or even slightly heat up metal keys to get rid of snow inside the lock.

If you can, park your car inside a garage to avoid snow or low temperatures. Of course, that’s not always an option for most people.

If you find yourself in a spot where your car doors are locked or frozen completely shut, it may be in your best interest to contact 24/7 Emergency locksmith. While you may be able to get yourself out of a sticky situation, you can also do damage to your lock, which is going to be even more inconvenient than having a frozen one.

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