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How to Lock a Door Without a Lock

24/7 Emergency Locksmith can and will be onsite quickly to help you with any sort of lock emergency. That emergency may be you locked out of your car in a busy parking lot or that may mean that the lock on your home has malfunctioned. Before you ever need to look at ways to lock a door without a lock, be sure to contact us by calling (484) 891-1922!

All that being said, if you ever do find yourself in the position where you need to lock a door without the lock that is usually attached to it, we do have a few suggestions. Again, please know that these suggestions are temporary at best and calling 24/7 Emergency Locksmith should be your first course of action.

1. Use a Door Jam or Wedge

Using a door jam or wedge is a good way to keep a door from opening. It’s a simple and temporary solution that can keep a door secure for a short period of time. Simply use a door wedge and gently hammer or wedge it into the space between the door and the frame. Keep in mind that wedges will only really work on doors that are designed to open inwards.

2. Anchoring a Doorknob

For outward opening doors, wedges wouldn’t be very effective. So, you could consider anchoring the inside doorknob to something within your house or building. You can do this by tying a piece of rope to the doorknob and then another fixed structure within the room. Of course, this method wouldn’t work very well on inwardly opening doors.

3. A Good ‘Ole Barricade

If you’ve ever watched “The Walking Dead” then you you’ve seen your fair share of barricades. All you need are a bunch of items and a door that opens inwardly, though, a well-constructed barricade could also work on an outwardly opening door where the entire entrance of the structure is covered by the barricade itself.

4. Take the Doorknob Off

You’ve probably been in the situation where a doorknob has fallen off of a door before and maybe even come off in your hand. Usually when this happens you’re able to open the door and fix the handle set. However, if you take off the doorknob and the spindle from the outside of a door, you’re effectively restricting someone from using the knob to release the latch. This isn’t the best method of locking a door in a pinch, but it may work for a short period of time.

5. Call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith

We’d much rather you give us a call at (484) 891-1922 than try to employ any of the methods we have described above! We’ll be out in minutes. Your safety is our main priority.

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