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Four Steps to Take If You’ve Been Burglarized in the Lehigh Valley

Having your home or apartment broken into can be a terrifying experience. There is a feeling of violation that goes hand-in-hand with the frustration over lost and damaged items. If you’ve unfortunately had the experience of being burglarized, here are a few things that can help you immediately following the incident.

Contact the Police

This is the first thing you want to do once you realize something is amiss. You want to make sure that the police are aware of the situation and can help you file a police report.

Take Stock of What You Have

You’ll want to go through your home or apartment and figure out what has been taken. Make a list of it so you can present that to your insurance company.

Go over your home security

If you have home security cameras, of course you’ll want to review the footage and share it with the police. If you don’t have security measures in place, now is the time that you may want to reconsider that.

Stay Calm

While you may justifiably feel anxious and worried, stay calm. The odds of a burglary happening at your location again so soon is very, very low. It may be best for you to stay with a friend or family member for a night or two or have someone stay with you if it helps you to feel more comfortable. However, with the police notified, any footage shared, and a reassessment of your security measures, you can greatly reduce the prospect of anything like that happening again.

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