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Five Lehigh Valley Winter Driving Rules


If you live in the Lehigh Valley, you already know that snowy and icy roads are simply a part of the winter season.

So, what are the best rules of driving in the snow in the Lehigh Valley? Let’s take a look.

1. Learn to do donuts in a parking lot

This is the time of year where many teenagers get to learn how to drive by heading out with their dad, mom, older brother, older sister, or friend by taking a trip to the closest parking lot covered in snow! Empty parking lots full of snow are simply the best place to learn how to drive on snow. You can always do sweet slides by using your e-brake as well!

2. Stay off Route 22 and Route 78

It’s snowing? Well, it’s time to not even think about taking Route 22 or Route 78. While you can be the best driver of all time, many other drivers are not. Many drivers drive too fast for snow conditions, continue to tailgate too closely, and many times end up in accidents that stop traffic. Take your time driving and find an alternative route if possible.

3. Shovel out your parking spot, but don’t expect to keep it

If you shovel out a parking spot on a public street, is that your spot for when you return? The ages old debate continues to this day. Many people in the Lehigh Valley shovel out their parking spot and put lawn chairs or some other small object in the spot to discourage anyone else from parking in that spot. This is technically illegal, but that doesn’t stop many people from doing it. If you decide to put a chair in your spot, expect it to be moved and don’t retaliate if it is!

4. Make Sure Your Car is Serviced

Now is the best time to get your car to your local service station to make sure that it’s ready for the winter weather. Don’t wait until you’re stuck on the side of the road.

5. Don’t Drive

Some days it just isn’t worth it to drive. No matter how important your job is, it’s not more important than the job of first responders who need roads to be clear of traffic if they need to help someone. If you don’t need to drive in the snow, don’t.

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