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How to Open Your High School Combination Lock

While we can’t physically help you get into your school locker, we can give you a few tips if you find yourself in a bind.

– Remember your combination. This seems pretty obvious because it is. Memorize it and keep that combination somewhere safe just in case you can’t find it, but don’t leave it anywhere someone else could get it from you!

– Spin the dial a few times to clear it out. You want to “reset” the lock before you go ahead and attempt your combination.

– Turn the dial on the lock to the right until you get to the first number. Then turn it to the left, pass the second number in your combination, then stop on it the second time around.

– Rotate the lock back to the right until you get to your third number and then pull firmly on the handle to open the lock.

– If it doesn’t open, don’t worry. Combination locks can be finicky, so you may have to try it again. If you DO find that you cannot get into your locker, be sure to let someone know so you’re 1. not late for class and 2. able to get what you need.

While we definitely wish we could help you out, we are confident that you’ll be able to open your locker by following these simple tips!

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