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What to Do While Waiting For the Locksmith

When you realize you lock yourself out of your house or car, you know that you have to call a locksmith. When you call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, we can be there in 20 minutes to help you get back into your house or car and on your way! That is right, 20 minutes.

So, what can you do while you wait for us? Not much, but we will give you some ideas so you won’t get too bored.

Play on Your Smartphone

We live in the future and everyone has a miniature computer in their purse or back pocket. Unless you are in the middle of nowhere and hardly get any service, you should be able to play on your phone. Download a game, check your social media, go through your old pictures, or even delete old contacts. The options are endless.

Complete the Rubik’s Cube

This obviously only works if you have a Rubik’s Cube in your purse, car, or carry it around in your pocket. Now is your chance to finally solve that colorful little cube and feel successful. You don’t have anywhere to be, or maybe you do but at the moment you are stuck where you are! So, this moment is better than any other.

Think About Life

If this is something you have been avoiding thinking about for a while, now is the time. You don’t have anything to distract you, except maybe your phone and Rubik’s Cube, so start thinking about a life problem and try to come to a solution!

Call Your Mom

Your mom probably misses you and has been waiting for this call for a year. Give her a call and tell her what has been going on in your life and ask about hers. This is a great time to make the call because you have an excuse to get off the phone once we arrive! Just a quick 20 minute call and then you are off the hook for another year!

Do Some Exercises

If you have been avoiding the gym and working out lately, this is a perfect time to quickly do some jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, or even a few sprints. It is just a 20 minutes workout, it is not going to kill you. You may even feel better after it!

Whatever you do with your 20 minutes is up to you, the options are endless. But the point is, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith will be there in a hurry to help you out and get you on with your daily routine. Contact us today if you need help with a lockout or any other locksmith issues!

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The History of Locksmiths

There are many things that we have nowadays that we did not always have available to us. Things like phones, motor vehicles, laptops, and other items that make life more convenient. But one thing that people did have back in ancient Egypt and Babylon, were locks and keys. Locks were used for the same reason they are today, to keep possessions and goods safe from thieves.

The First Locks

The first locks were wooden with large wooden keys. According to History Cooperative, this early lock and key method was adopted by ancient Greece, Rome, China, and more. Wealthy Romans would use locks and wear the key as a ring, keeping it close and showing status.

Metal Locks

Then the metal locks started showing up. In about 900 AD, the first metal locks were made of iron or brass and soon spread through Europe. Between the 14th and 17th centuries, locksmithing had become a profession and they were beginning to get crafty with their metal work. Locksmiths would work on locks and keys with special and beautiful designs for nobility. These intricate locks were often designed to resemble royal symbols and crests.

In the 18th century, locksmiths began making more locks and keys that were more durable and secure, improving the technology right along with the aesthetics. It was during the industrial revolution, when locks and keys finally saw improved complexity.

Robert Barron perfected the lever tumbler lock, this was a sophisticated lock that was more secure and was better at keeping intruders out. This type of lock requires the lever to be lifted to a specific height, not too high and not too low. This lock structure is still used today.

In 1817 Jeremiah Chubb designed a lock that was difficult to pick and would actually show signs that it had been tampered with. Chubb and his brother started a locksmithing business and designed locks that were even better. They invented the lock that used six levers rather than four. They also created the disc that went around the keyhole to keep pickers from seeing the levers inside.

Locks Today

Another few lock designs were created and used and in 1848, Linus Yale created the modern version of the double-acting tumbler lock that we still use today. This design used different length pins, which will stop locks from opening without the correct key.

While locks have improved majorly throughout the centuries, locksmiths will never be out of a job. Many locksmiths work their own business, doing residential and car locksmith tasks. They have the ability to fix our locks, make us new keys, and unlock our homes and cars if we ever get locked out. Many people take locksmiths for granted, until we need them. Luckily, you will always be able to find the help you need. At 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, we can help you with your car and home lock issues. Contact us today, we will be there to help!

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Happy Holidays from 24/7 Emergency Locksmith

There’s nothing quite like the holidays in the Lehigh Valley and we wanted to take this time to wish you the best during them.

From Lights in the Parkway in Allentown to shopping downtown in the Christmas City of Bethlehem to visiting some of the fine dining in Easton and viewing the Peace Candle, the Lehigh Valley has it all when it comes to Christmastime.

24/7 Emergency locksmith is proud to serve the communities within the Lehigh Valley and we’re thankful to have met so many great people within the last year.

We take great pride in serving our customers as quickly and professionally as possible. We understand how it feels to be locked out of your home or car. With that in mind, we strive every day to meet your needs.

We look forward to serving you in the coming year and we want to make sure you know exactly who to call when you’re in need of a locksmith in the Lehigh Valley: 24/7 Emergency Locksmith at (484) 891-1922.

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Tips To Get Your Car Unstuck From the Snow from 24/7 Emergency Locksmith

No matter how much salt you put down or how early you get out to shovel, some days you’re just going to get your car stuck in the snow.

Having a few ideas of how to get your car unstuck from the snow can go a long way to getting you back on your way much faster.

DON’T SPIN YOUR TIRES: This is the first mistake many people make and one done sometimes out of the sheer frustration of being stuck. If your tires aren’t in contact with the road at all, spinning your wheels is just going to get you more stuck.

GET LOW AND ROCK OUT: After you’ve done at least some bit of shoveling, get in the car and get into your lowest gear. Attempt to start “rocking” the car by driving ahead a little bit and then heading in reverse. The forward or backward momentum may be enough to push you over the hump and back on the road.

TURN THE WHEELS: If rocking doesn’t work at first, turn your wheels from side to side a few times and try again.

STILL STUCK?: If you’re still stuck, more shoveling may be needed and perhaps the strength of a friend or two to turn that forward or backward momentum via a push over the hump.

STAY PATIENT: The most important thing is to realize that you’re most likely not the only one stuck and it usually takes some time to get out in the first place.

If you’re stuck because you’re experiencing a lockout, CALL US at (484) 891-1922 for 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE!

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When To Call a Locksmith in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton

No one likes getting locked out of their home or automobile. No one likes losing their keys. No one likes having to change their locks. Thankfully, we like doing all of these things for you.

While most people know what a locksmith does, it may not be completely clear when its actually time to call a locksmith, such as 24/7 Emergency Locksmith. Here are a few examples of situations where it is time to rely on a professional.

When you’ve locked yourself out of your car without hope. If you’re sure you’ve locked your keys in your car, absolutely cannot find them, know that you can’t get a spare in time, or are in a situation when time is off the essence, it’s time to call a professional. Not only do you not want to risk damaging your car by attempting to get into it on your own, but you also don’t want to risk injuring yourself in the process. Call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith and we’ll be there before you know it.

When your keys and locks get old at your home. Trust us when we tell you that changing a number of locks isn’t something you want to try without proper training. Sure, it may seem simple when watching a YouTube tutorial, but we’ll take the hassle out of your weekend by replacing your set of locks.

When you’re locked out at home and considering breaking into your own house. We’ve all been there. It’s as easy as breaking that first floor window, right? But, do you really want to deal with the aftermath of a broken window? We know that it’s not the first route you want to go down, but if you’ve lost the key to your home, don’t waste any more time and give 24/7 Emergency Locksmith a call.

If you’ve broken your key in your lock, whether it is your car or front door, we know the feeling. It’s a sunken heart and it’s the last thing you need to deal with at the end of the day. Call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith and we’ll take the hassle out of your lockout situation and get you back inside in minutes.

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The Dangers Of Old Locks

While there are many different reasons you may need a locksmith, getting locked in your home or apartment is not one that many people think of, but it could happen. Just like any other part of your home, your door knobs and locks can get old and dysfunctional. Eventually, something may go wrong in your locks, causing your door to become jammed and you to be locked inside.

While the chances of the locks of every door leading to the outside breaking at the same time is not very likely, you never know. As for apartments, many of them only have one door leading out, so it that one becomes busted, you end up locked indoors.

But with the help of 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, there is no need to panic. We can come to the rescue in the matter of a few minutes, fixing your door knobs and locks and getting you out of your home and back to your everyday life in no time!

While you may know what to do when you are locked out of your home, being locked inside is a different story. If you have tools in the home, you can try to remove the door knob and deadbolt, allowing you to get out of your home. The only problem with this, is that your home will be open to the outside world, leaving your possessions more likely to be stolen. Unless you have another way to keep people out, like a garage, you may not want to fix your problem this way.

The other problem with your locks breaking and locking you in, or out, is that you can’t fix it with a key. Calling a family member, or the maintenance man who works at the apartment complex to come and unlock the door won’t help. You can unlock it from the inside, so it certainly won’t help unlocking it from the outside. This problem requires the door to be taken apart, your door will require a new lock.

This problem may not seem like something that is likely to happen, but as your locks age, they are more likely to breakdown and cause you to be locked in or out. And this problem, while it can be fixed is a quick DIY project, can be better taken care of by a professional locksmith, someone who has all the right tools readily available. At 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, we can help you get out of your home and have your door and locks fixed in no time! Contact us today to learn more and get the help you need.

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Four Tips for Taking Care of Your Keys

Our car and house keys are one of the most important things that we carry with us each day, but we may not give them the proper respect that they deserve.

Here are a few tips on how to properly take care of your keys and get the most out of them over the long haul.

1. Security

Car keys are one of the first things that a burglar will target in someone’s house. Do you have a safe place to store them that isn’t inside a basket or on a hook in the front door? It’s a good idea to keep them in the same place each and every night. Not only will it make it harder for you to forget them, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that they are safe.

2. Got a Spare?

Having a spare key is a great idea, and one that some people tend not to undertake. Have a spare key hidden somewhere on your property that isn’t under a flowerpot in your front yard. Also, it’s smart to give a spare key to a relative or loved one if you are locked out or if an emergency arises.

3. Take a Look

Keys may seem sturdy, and most are, but they can easily bend or break like anything that’s used on a daily basis. If you notice a bit of a bend on your keys or they aren’t turning like they used to, it’s time to give us a call.

4. Did We Mention Security?

Treat your keys like you do your wallet. Make sure that they aren’t visible when you go out and make sure that you keep them in a safe and secure place on your person. If you do know that your keys have been stolen or lost, we’re here for you. Contact 24/7 Emergency Locksmith.

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Common Places To Lose Your Keys

Many people add funky key chains or colorful lanyards to their key rings to better keep track of their keys. Others hang hooks on the wall by their front door to help keep their keys in the same place everyday. But even with all of these techniques and precautions we take to ensure we don’t misplace our car keys, it happens more than we would like to admit.

If you are the type of person who loses your car keys more often than not, this blog may help you track them down. At 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, we can make replacement keys, for your car or home, if you cannot find them in any of these common places.

In Drawers

Many people walk in their home, place their keys on the counter, and walk away. But if you are distracted or quickly decluttering your counter space, your keys could easily end up in a drawer. If you usually leave your keys on the counter and suddenly they are missing, make sure to dig through some of your drawers.

The Bedroom or Bathroom

When you get home from work, errands, school, or anywhere else, you may head straight for your room to throw on your sweatpants or the bathroom to hop in the shower. When this happens, it is easy to drop your keys in your bed, on a chair, on the counter, or even on the floor, which may not seem hard to find, but if you are used to leaving your keys on the table next to the front door, then it will come as a surprise when they are not there the next time you need them.

On The Couch

Relaxation may be your number one goal upon returning home. That may mean you head straight for the couch without taking your shoes off or putting down any of your belongings. If you have been guilty of doing this from time to time, you may want to check between couch cushions, under the couch, or in the surrounding area for your keys.

In The Car

No one wants to admit it, but it is easy and common to leave your car keys in the car. Whether it is in the ignition or simply on the passenger seat, your keys may still be in your car. Let’s just hope you don’t accidentally lock your keys in your car. But if you do, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can help!

If you can’t find your keys anywhere in your home or car, contact us. We can help you get replacement keys or help you get back into your car if you are locked out! Learn more about our services!

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Car Key Issues Solved By Your Auto Locksmith

blog_photo1Here at 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, Inc., we strive to give our customers peace of mind with our professional locksmith services. Our experienced locksmiths are standing by to provide the right tool and the right solution for any security issue that may arise in your life. One such issue many people face is the ritual of being locked out of their vehicle. This has happened to a majority of us, and it is lacking in the fun department. If you’re ever in this situation and need a 24-hour locksmith in Allentown, don’t forget our contact information!

Many vehicles produced after 1995 have at least one security feature to help prevent car theft. Typically, this means that car keys are equipped with a method of protection. Two common key features that we can assist with include:

dreamstime_xxl_53598118Transponder Keys

Derived from the combination of transmitter and responder, a transponder consists of a small microchip that is contained within the plastic head of a key. Vehicles equipped with this technology will not start unless the transponder key is nearby to give the proper clearance codes. Although not quite as cool as the clearance codes needed to sneak onto the Death Star, these keys will communicate with the antenna ring surrounding your ignition to give the onboard computer the “okay” to commence combustion.

Newer security technology has introduced chip keys that utilize a rolling code for authorization (similar to garage door openers). The number of possibilities within this six-digit system sits at one million. That means that car thieves sans hacking technology have a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of guessing the right combination!

dreamstime_xxl_50491611Smart Keys

Similar to transponder keys, smart keys are equipped with an immobilizer that keeps the vehicle from activating. The benefit of these keys is the ability to start the car and drive without using a physical key to turn the ignition. Smart keys hold features and security designs that are often complex and intuitive. Low frequency (LF) signals are used to communicate between the car and the smart key itself. Numerous calculations are handled by the computer to provide simultaneous security and comfort. This advanced technology includes a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Automatic lock/unlock. Many vehicles will engage and disengage your door locks based on your proximity. This helps to give you more ease in car entry and more security for when you walk away.
  • Keyless start. No need for fumbling through your pocket. Simply push the start button and zoom off.
  • Maximum security. Without your car’s unique key signal, several aspects will fail to turn on. Thieves will have several safeguards to hack through in order to manually steal the vehicle.

Here at 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, our name says it all. Our local locksmiths are within close proximity to offer you assistance, usually within twenty minutes! We are your top-choice 24-hour locksmith in the Allentown area. From home to auto lockout services, we can help to rescue your day. Our experts are trained and ready to replace and program your vehicle’s smart key or transponder chip. If you’re stuck out in the cold, don’t hesitate to contact us ASAP!

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Tips to Help You Remember Your Keys

24 hour locksmith AllentownOur 24-hour locksmith service in Allentown receives calls every day from people who have forgotten their keys and locked themselves out of their home, office, or vehicle. It’s easier to do than you might imagine, but for some people forgetting their keys is a chronic issue. If you feel like you are always leaving your keys behind, we have some tips that can help you remember to grab those keys when you head out the door!

Use These Tips to Keep Your Keys Close

Always put them in the same place.

We’re creatures of habit. If you put your keys in the same place every day and make a point to pick them up from there before you head out the door for 30 days in a row, before you know it the action will just become a habit. Set up a key rack by your front door or have a bowl where your keys always go when you walk inside.

Put a post-it note on the back of the door.

Make a brightly colored reminder and put it on the back of your door or other location where you won’t miss it before you head out. Make yourself read the note fully and check that you have each item on the list. Useful for remembering things like wallets and umbrellas, too!

Add a clip to attach to something you never forget.

While many of us will forget our keys, for some reason we never forget our phones! Or maybe you don’t go anywhere without your trusted Kindle. Or perhaps it’s the baby seat you wouldn’t leave behind. Whatever it is, add a carabiner clip to your keys and attach them to that thing you don’t leave the house without.

Call Our Team When You Are Locked Out

Even if you put all of our tips into action, chances are you’ll end up forgetting your keys from time to time. That’s okay! When you do, just give our 24-hour locksmith in Allentown a call. We can be on site in 20 minutes or less so your day isn’t ruined because you forgot your keys. Get in touch with us today by filling out the form below!

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