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What To Do When You Break Down on a Highway

We’ve all been there and if you haven’t, the odds are pretty good it’ll happen to you in the future. We’re talking about breaking down on the side of a highway, or really any road for that matter. While it’s frustrating and can really throw a wrench into your day, don’t fear! The best thing to do is to keep calm and realize you may be there for a little while. Here are some tips to help you out the next time it happens to you.

First thing’s first, if you know that your breakdown is beyond something that you can handle yourself (a flat tire for instance, be sure to call for help right away.

Don’t flag down other vehicles for assistance. While it may seem like a good thing to do, you want to be able to rely on professionals to help you.

Don’t stand behind or next to your vehicle. It’s a worse case scenario, but if another vehicle hits yours, it could be disastrous if you’re standing nearby.

Use flares, if you have them, or road signs, again if you have them. If you’re fresh out of those items, be sure to stock up before your next trip. In a pinch, a white shirt will do and it notifies police officers or tow truck drivers that help is needed.

Be patient! Depending on where you broke down, it could take some time for help to get to you. The best thing for you to do is stay calm until it arrives.

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