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Where to Park and How to Be Safe at Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA

Celtic Classic rolls into Bethlehem every fall with kilts, the Highland Games, classic food, and tasty whiskey. And while the event is one of the most relaxed and enjoyable that you will find in the Lehigh Valley throughout the year, parking and being safe is always something that you should be aware of.

Taking the dedicated shuttle into the fest is never a bad idea. It can be found at 1525 Valley Center Parkway, Bethlehem, PA during festival operating hours.

As far as parking, you can always scour the immediate area for open metered parking (if you’re very lucky) or park at some of the paid lots that will open up on private properties. Know that if you do decide to park at a private lot, you’re going to be parking at your own risk. While many of these impromptu paid parking lots are in safe places and you shouldn’t encounter any problems, know that the owners aren’t obligated to look out for your safety.

City parking details include the New and Walnut Street Parking garages and the W. Union lot:
– 75 W. North Street parking garage – 2 blocks from Celtic Classic – $10.00 pr day (subject to change)
– 33 W. Walnut Street parking garage – 1 ½ blocks from Celtic Classic – $10.00 pr day (subject to change)
– West Union Boulevard parking lot – less than 1 block from Celtic Classic – $10.00 pr day (subject to change)

All of these parking locations are safe, but be sure to practice basic parking routines such as remember exactly where you parked in a deck, even if that means taking a picture or writing a note on your phone. While Celtic Classic is generally considered a very safe event, leaving at night from a private or public lot can always have its risks. Be sure to travel in groups back to your car if possible and have your phone or defense device out if you’re going back to your vehicle by yourself.

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