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Learn More About: Smart Keys

What is a Smart Key or Proximity Key?

Smart key and proximity key are two terms to describe the same thing.

Smart keys are keys that may remain inside your pocket at all times. You approach the vehicle and the doors will unlock by just touching the handle, and when you enter the vehicle you don’t need to pull out your key, you just press a button or turn the ignition and the car starts. Cars equipped with this kind of new key technology are very convenient.

A convenience you will pay for if you ever lose your car key.

Smart keys tend to be fairly expensive, usually more so than their less sophisticated remote head counterparts. 24/7 Emergency Locksmith has special tools that allow us to program these special smart keys to your car’s computer so they will start the car and the buttons will perform their designed functions.

While losing your smart key may seem like a huge loss, rest assured knowing that our locksmith experts can replace your smart key and get you on the road again!

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