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Uh oh! Why won’t my trunk open?

Uh oh! Why won’t my trunk open!

Many of us have been there and have had issues with a trunk of our vehicle not being able to open.

Perhaps you’ve accidentally locked your keys inside, or maybe the actual lock isn’t functioning properly. It could be issues with your key fob, or perhaps there’s simply too much crammed inside and those items are jamming up the opening mechanism.

But what to do? First of all, take a deep breath. Whatever the issue is, it’s fixable. Double check your surroundings and even your bags and pockets. Be sure that if it’s a problem with missing keys that they are actually missing.

If you still have access to the interior of your vehicle, you might have access to the trunk from a seat that folds down. You can get in there and remove anything that might be in the way of the opening mechanism. This may also give you access to an alternative method of opening a broken lock. While it isn’t by any means a permanent solution, at least you can get inside the trunk temporarily.

If it’s your fob, the battery might be out or the programming might have been lost. Regardless of the problem, the actual key should still work in the trunk until the fob itself is repaired.

If the lock is damaged, if you simply don’t have access due to a lack of a key, or if you just aren’t sure what’s going on or what to do, a certified locksmith can not only get you inside, but will also be able to point you in the right direction of what to do next if further repairs are required.

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