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The Benefits of a Smart Device in Your Home

If you had heard the phrase “smart home” a few years ago, someone might have thought you meant a household full of A+ students.

Nowadays, a smart home is basically a home equipped with electronics, heat, lighting that can be remotely controlled by phone, computer, or smart devices.

While it might be fun to say, ”Alexa, turn on my crockpot,” the safety of your home can be vastly improved with the addition of a few or even many smart devices. The numerous applications to these smart devices and being able to control them without having to be next to them can be a real game-changer.

For starters, many devices require an app to control them while also still working in their traditional ways. A smart lock won’t just lock and unlock with a normal key, but it can also be used with a simple tap of a button in its specific app on your phone.

If you’re someone who is always afraid you’ve left your flat iron on, a smart plug can assure you that if you did, a quick check on the app can make sure it’s taken care of.

Smart plugs work great for lights as well! Whether you just forgot to turn off the porch light right after you got snuggly in bed, want to use your google home to verbally turn off the lights on your first floor, or you’re on vacation and need to turn the front yard Christmas lights on and off, the uses are practically endless. So if you know you’ll be gone a few day’s, a constant rotation of interior lights gives a better impression you’re actually home.

Another type of smart home tools are smart alarms and cameras. Want to see what time your Amazon package was delivered, or check exactly what times the front door was opened and closed? These products not only can be viewed in real time, but they log their info into a database you can access anywhere.

Lastly, a huge item that should be considered is a smart smoke detector. These don’t just act as a traditional detector to warn the occupants of smoke, but they can also inform an alarm company, fire department, and you, if you are away from the residence.

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