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Three Key Ring Hacks You May Want To Know

Sometimes there are things we can’t stand to do, but don’t exactly remember that we don’t like them until we actually have to do them. One such task for many would be taking things on and off of key rings.

Here are some interesting hacks for helping in that annoying situation.

Staple Remover:

This is so easy and simple. Most of us have a staple remover floating around and wonder to ourselves, “why do I even have this?” Now you have a reason to keep it!


Just jam a small coin into the opening groove. Then slide the key into the opened groove and spin the key though the loop.

Metal Nail File:

Just use the pointed tip of the file to gently pry open the start of the ring. Then slip the key in. Be extra cautious with this method, you don’t want to poke yourself.

Do you have a handy keyring hack?

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