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Times When You MUST Call a Locksmith in the Lehigh Valley

No one wants to call a locksmith. We get that. We understand that we are there to get people out of situations they don’t want to be in. However, there are a few times where we think it’s absolutely necessary to call a locksmith.

You Lost Your Keys

If you genuinely lost your keys, it’s time to rekey. You wouldn’t want someone to find your keys, trace them back to you, and then have access to whatever you have access to. If your keys are lost, call and and we can start the process in getting you back and secure.

Locked Out

If you’re locked out of your car or home, skip asking friends for tips on how to break into your car. Call a professional and make sure that you are back in your car safely and without damage. You invested in your car, let us treat it as it should be.

Changing Locks

Many people leave themselves vulnerable by not taking the time to change locks after a new roommate moves in or after you move into a new home or after someone who you have given spare keys to loses them. Sure, it may not sound serious, but if those keys get in the wrong hands, your front door would be wide open.

Damaged Locks or Broken Keys

24/7 Emergency Locksmith can make sure you have new keys that won’t damage your locks and can replace your damaged locks so they can keep you secure. Call us when you notice wear or if you have a key that breaks. We can be on the spot faster than you can head somewhere to get a new key retooled.

If you encounter any of these situations, give 24/7 Emergency Locksmith a call in the Lehigh Valley at (484) 891-1922!

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