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Times You Absolutely Need to Schedule a Rekeying

Having locks entirely redone is such a hassle, so we understand why it is that people put the task off for so long, but there are certain times where rekeying a space is an absolute must. At 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, we have the tools and experience that you need to safely and efficiently re-key your establishment or home without turning it into a hassle. Here are a few of the times where we believe that you absolutely must have your lock rekeyed.

Moving to a New Home or Building

Whether it is you and your family moving to a new home, or your business moving to a new building, it’s always a good idea to have the space re-keyed. This is the ultimate way to guarantee your safety. This is also a great way to assure that no one else has access to your home unless you directly provided them with a key. Where we often see serious issues with this is when homeowners downgrade the lock that was on the door prior, and in doing so lessen the safety levels of their home. Trust our team of locksmiths to provide you with a guaranteed, safe solution.

Change in Staff

In the case that you are a business owner that distributes keys to your employees, you’re going to want to change your keys when there is a turnover in staff. This sounds like a tedious task, but the fact of the matter is that these employees have the chance to go and make duplicate copies on their own, and then still have access to your business. Rather than risk any form or robberies or destruction because of a bad experience with your employees, get the place re-keyed and ensure that the safety of your establishment is prioritized.

There are plenty of other circumstances where re-keying a building is the better option. If you’re in need of an emergency locksmith, we’re the company to call. We can schedule your re-keying as soon as possible.

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