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Tips on Fixing a Flat Tire

Fixing a flat tire may be a simple thing for some and a complicated task for others. And, remember, not everyone had someone to teach them, either!

Here are a few tips on fixing a flat tire. We’d always recommend you learn how to do this on a tire that’s not flat first (practice, that is!)

  1. Be sure you park the car in as safe a place as possible and use hazard lights and flares if necessary.
  2. Brace your tires if possible by using material, such as a piece of wood, to put in front of and behind the other tires to prevent them from rolling when the jack is in use.
  3. Use your owners manual to determine where to safely place the jack and evenly and slowly jack up the car.
  4. Remove hubcaps and loosen the lug nuts.
  5. Make sure the car is up high enough for the tire to smoothly come off.
  6. Attach the spare and retighten the lug nuts.
  7. Check the lug nuts after a few miles of driving to make sure they are secure and don’t drive too fast!

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