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Tips to Help You Remember Your Keys

24 hour locksmith AllentownOur 24-hour locksmith service in Allentown receives calls every day from people who have forgotten their keys and locked themselves out of their home, office, or vehicle. It’s easier to do than you might imagine, but for some people forgetting their keys is a chronic issue. If you feel like you are always leaving your keys behind, we have some tips that can help you remember to grab those keys when you head out the door!

Use These Tips to Keep Your Keys Close

Always put them in the same place.

We’re creatures of habit. If you put your keys in the same place every day and make a point to pick them up from there before you head out the door for 30 days in a row, before you know it the action will just become a habit. Set up a key rack by your front door or have a bowl where your keys always go when you walk inside.

Put a post-it note on the back of the door.

Make a brightly colored reminder and put it on the back of your door or other location where you won’t miss it before you head out. Make yourself read the note fully and check that you have each item on the list. Useful for remembering things like wallets and umbrellas, too!

Add a clip to attach to something you never forget.

While many of us will forget our keys, for some reason we never forget our phones! Or maybe you don’t go anywhere without your trusted Kindle. Or perhaps it’s the baby seat you wouldn’t leave behind. Whatever it is, add a carabiner clip to your keys and attach them to that thing you don’t leave the house without.

Call Our Team When You Are Locked Out

Even if you put all of our tips into action, chances are you’ll end up forgetting your keys from time to time. That’s okay! When you do, just give our 24-hour locksmith in Allentown a call. We can be on site in 20 minutes or less so your day isn’t ruined because you forgot your keys. Get in touch with us today by filling out the form below!

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