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Watch These Pets Help Their Owners Get Out of a Lockout Situation!

If you find yourself locked out of your home, you might just have luck on your side! Check out these helpful pets who know how to get their owner out of a locked-out jam.

Click each photo to watch the video!

This best pal not only saved his owner from the cold, but he also saved her from having to call a locksmith… and he’s just so darn cute!

This big guy is the best helper when you find yourself in a bind. We are really into his victory dance at the end.

This naughty guy might need a little supervision, but at least he’s helpful if you find yourself out in the cold.

We suspect this little guy would only open the door for his human if they had been at the store buying more treats.

If you aren’t as lucky to have such a helpful fluffy friend on the other side of the door… call us!

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