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Ways to Avoid Locksmith Scams in the Lehigh Valley

We understand that not many people have a locksmith on speed dial. Is speed dial even a thing anymore?

Anyway, we know that people usually turn to a locksmith in a time of need and, sometimes, desperation. In those moments, it’s easier for a company to potentially take advantage of a consumer. Before you call a locksmith, here are a few tips.

  1. Check their reviews: It’s easier than ever to check a company’s reviews to see what the community feels about them. Give your locksmith a quick Google search before you give them a call!
  2. Get a cost estimate: Know what you’re dealing with before the locksmith arrives.
  3. Watch out for price fluctuations: If the locksmith gets to you and the price is suddenly different than it was quoted on the phone, it’s time to call a different locksmith. Don’t let them do the work.
  4. Don’t let them drill the lock right away: If a locksmith insists on drilling your home lock right away, be wary. Experienced locksmiths will go through multiple attempts before drilling a lock.

Those are a just a few tips. Go with your gut and call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith if you are in a bind!

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