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What Exactly Does a Locksmith Do?

When you hear about someone needing a locksmith, your immediate reaction is probably that someone was in an emergency and needed help with a lockout situation. While it’s true that an important service for a locksmith is to assist in times when someone has an unexpected lock problem, the fact is that we do SO much more.

So what DOES a locksmith do? Well, basically, if there is any situation with a lock, we can help!

Do you need to schedule a rekey for the locks of your rental property after your tenant move out next month?

Are you planning on updating your home to the most up to date smart locks, but not sure where to start?

Are you in the middle of renovating your kitchen and discovered an old safe buried in the floor?

Is your front door lock starting to stick when you try to turn the key?

If there is any type of situation involving locks and security for home, business, and vehicles, we know the best approach for both planned and unplanned occurrences. So whether it’s a scheduled appointment or an unexpected problem, we’re here to help 24/7!

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