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What’s The Largest Padlock Ever?

Just because we’re pretty sure you were wondering. We wanted to share the largest padlock ever in the history of the world with you!

The largest padlock was created by students and teachers of Pavlovo Arts College No. 23, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia and measures 144.3 cm tall, 105 cm wide and 26 cm deep (56.8 in × 41.3 in × 10.2 in).

The giant security lock weighs 415.5 kg (916 lb) including the key.

There was a crest on top of the padlock but was not included in the overall heigh as it was not an integral part of the padlock.

While we are pretty sure we’ll never be able to see it in person, we still know we could get it open for them no problem. That is, of course, if they lost the key to the world’s largest padlock, which would seem to be a difficult thing to do!


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