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Why Can’t You Open a Car Door if Someone is Locking it Explained

Courtesy jalopnik
Jalopnik recently posted an insanely interesting article about something we’ve all encountered in our lifetimes.

Have you ever tried to get into a car as someone is trying to unlock it? Have you then tried to open it again only to see that they are trying to unlock it again?

The website Jalopnik went into some pretty serious depth in a recent article explaining why this phenomenon occurs.

Take a look at a quick excerpt…

The most basic explanation possible is that pulling on the handle engages a little mechanical piece inside the door, a piece that bumps into another mechanical piece triggered by someone else trying to unlock the door. Alone, either one would do their job unimpeded. Do both at the same time and they block each other.

This sounds like it’s going to be really easy to understand, right? You have no idea how wrong you are.

Door locks and latches are absurdly, mind-hurtingly complicated. Just stick with us here, and you’ll see. SOURCE: Jalopnik

Go ahead and hit up their link for a VERY in-depth look at why this occurs. It’s something that locksmiths have a fun time reading.

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