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Why it’s a good idea to change the locks of your new home

If you find yourself the proud owner of a new home, there are lots of exciting (and perhaps daunting) tasks that you have ahead of you.

While we’re sure you’re excited to start painting and reconfiguring the backyard, there’s a big step that you should consider before almost anything else, and that’s to change and update the locks of your new abode.

Firstly, and probably most obviously, you just don’t know who has a copy of a key from a previous owner. To be absolutely 100% sure that your home is only accessible to those who have your permission, you just have to press the reset button in terms of those locks.

Secondly, you have no idea how the locks were treated. Were they ever serviced or maintained? How long has the back door been sticking when you try to turn the deadbolt? Even minor annoyances can quickly transform into major problems. Do you really want to sour your new home joy with an unexpected lock issue?

Lastly, you have a chance to update and modernize your home security in a way that works best for you. There are a variety of modern locks that just work better. Plus, being able to choose a beautiful new front door lock is a great first step into customizing your home into something that is unique to you!

So if you are ready to start the updating process to your new home’s locks, give us a call!

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