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Your 24/7 Emergency Locksmith New Year’s Resolutions

While you’re thinking about hitting up the gym more or perhaps reading more books as your New Year’s resolutions this year, you should also take a second to think about your locks as well!

Here are a few New Year’s resolutions we think could help you out as you go into 2018.

Remember Your Keys This Year:

Forgetting our keys is a snafu that everyone goes through seemingly at least once a month. Some good tips on remember your keys include keeping them in the same spot, buying a specific item (like a soap dish or a hook) to keep them in, or even putting a note on the door the night before.

Stock Up Your Car:

Most people don’t think about the things that they keep in their car on a daily basis simply because they never need them. However, equipping your car with items such as a first-aid kit, road flares, extra clothing and blankets, and even bottled water can go a long way if you happen to find yourself in an emergency situation.

Take a Look at Your Home Locks:

We’ve all received some great Christmas presents this year, but sometimes the most important part of your home, the locks, can go unchanged for years. Be sure to give us a call and we can take a look at what you have an suggest any changes.

Keep Our Phone Number Handy

: No one plans to get locked out, but you can plan to have us already saved in your phone so that we can get to you quickly. Be sure to add (484) 891-1922 to your phone and we’ll always be there when you need us.

From everyone at 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, Happy New Year!

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