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Car Key Issues in the Lehigh Valley

The car keys are an important feature of your car. Not only are they needed to start your vehicle, but they also give you access to the inside. Car keys may not seem like a very important item in your life until something happens. There are many problems that can arise when car keys are involved, from losing your keys to them breaking in the ignition.

Luckily, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can help solve these problems for you. Our locksmith professionals can ensure you get the quality service you need in a timely manner, so that you can get back on the road again. We are available 24/7 to provide emergency car key assistance. With on-site key cutting services, we will have you back on the road in no time. If you’re in need of an automotive locksmith specialist, contact 24/7 Emergency Locksmith for fast and reliable assistance.

This car key issue doesn’t need to be explained, but the thing you need to worry about is that this can happen anywhere. You can be one of the lucky ones and misplace your car keys somewhere in your home or at work. Or you can be unlucky and lose your keys in a store, the wilderness, or in a giant place like the zoo. It happens. You can lose your car keys anywhere you go, and depending on where you are when you lose them, the time it takes for help to arrive is important.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith can be there in a hurry and get you a replacement key in no time at all! You will be able to get back on the road and move on with your life before you know it! It doesn’t matter what time you call us or where you are in the Lehigh Valley or Allentown area, we will be there to help! If you’ve lost your car keys, call us right away at (484)891-1922. One of our experienced locksmiths will come to you, cut you new car keys, and program them, expeditiously!


Yes, it is possible to break your car key. Just like the other parts of your car, your car key can become worn out over time and may eventually break. Your car key has the potential of breaking in the lock, the ignition, or breaking if you drop them on the hard pavement. While that last one is pretty unlikely, you never know! Car keys can break and applying too much pressure to them in the ignition may cause your older key to snap in half.

If this ever does happen, contact 24/7 Emergency Locksmith before doing anything else! We will be able to extract your car key from the lock or ignition, carefully as to not damage any inner workings of your vehicle. After we extract the broken key, we will be able to cut you a new key, right then and there, allowing you to carry on as though nothing has happened.


Another issue that can occur is that your car key can become stuck. If your car key gets stuck in the ignition or won’t turn, you may not know who to call. Contact 24/7 Emergency Locksmith to come and help you! We can not only help remove the car key, but we can also determine if this occurred due to an issue with the key or the ignition.

While a car key repair or replacement will be the simplest fix in this case, we can also help if you need an ignition repair. Our locksmith professionals can also provide you with ignition repair services, making us the best choice to help if your car keys become stuck in the ignition.


As we mentioned above, car keys can simply become worn out. While they may not snap in your ignition or break in your door, they can become less efficient and dependable. They may not work as well and may need to be jiggled or held at a certain angle in order to get your car to start. This could cause further issues with your ignition or may cause the key to break eventually. If you notice your key becoming more and more worn out, give us a call!

Our locksmith experts can quickly cut you a new key and help you avoid any further problems. It is better to take care of these issues before anything more serious happens. You will be glad you called our experts once you have that brand new key in your hand and ready to go!


While regular old car keys may become damaged or broken, there is a lot more technology in your car keys than you may realize. Unless you have a good old-fashioned all-metal car key, your key like has chips, is programmed, or has some other type of technology. There are several different types of car keys, these include:

Transponder key
VATs key
Remote head key
Smart key/proximity key

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