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Car Key Issues Solved By Your Auto Locksmith

blog_photo1Here at 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, Inc., we strive to give our customers peace of mind with our professional locksmith services. Our experienced locksmiths are standing by to provide the right tool and the right solution for any security issue that may arise in your life. One such issue many people face is the ritual of being locked out of their vehicle. This has happened to a majority of us, and it is lacking in the fun department. If you’re ever in this situation and need a 24-hour locksmith in Allentown, don’t forget our contact information!

Many vehicles produced after 1995 have at least one security feature to help prevent car theft. Typically, this means that car keys are equipped with a method of protection. Two common key features that we can assist with include:

dreamstime_xxl_53598118Transponder Keys

Derived from the combination of transmitter and responder, a transponder consists of a small microchip that is contained within the plastic head of a key. Vehicles equipped with this technology will not start unless the transponder key is nearby to give the proper clearance codes. Although not quite as cool as the clearance codes needed to sneak onto the Death Star, these keys will communicate with the antenna ring surrounding your ignition to give the onboard computer the “okay” to commence combustion.

Newer security technology has introduced chip keys that utilize a rolling code for authorization (similar to garage door openers). The number of possibilities within this six-digit system sits at one million. That means that car thieves sans hacking technology have a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of guessing the right combination!

dreamstime_xxl_50491611Smart Keys

Similar to transponder keys, smart keys are equipped with an immobilizer that keeps the vehicle from activating. The benefit of these keys is the ability to start the car and drive without using a physical key to turn the ignition. Smart keys hold features and security designs that are often complex and intuitive. Low frequency (LF) signals are used to communicate between the car and the smart key itself. Numerous calculations are handled by the computer to provide simultaneous security and comfort. This advanced technology includes a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Automatic lock/unlock. Many vehicles will engage and disengage your door locks based on your proximity. This helps to give you more ease in car entry and more security for when you walk away.
  • Keyless start. No need for fumbling through your pocket. Simply push the start button and zoom off.
  • Maximum security. Without your car’s unique key signal, several aspects will fail to turn on. Thieves will have several safeguards to hack through in order to manually steal the vehicle.

Here at 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, our name says it all. Our local locksmiths are within close proximity to offer you assistance, usually within twenty minutes! We are your top-choice 24-hour locksmith in the Allentown area. From home to auto lockout services, we can help to rescue your day. Our experts are trained and ready to replace and program your vehicle’s smart key or transponder chip. If you’re stuck out in the cold, don’t hesitate to contact us ASAP!

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